French Department of Hauts-de-Seine grants 500,000 euros to Armenia Fund

Patrick Devedjian, President of the French Department of Hauts-de-Seine, and Bédros Terzian, President of Fonds Arménien de France (the French affiliate of Hayastan All-Armenian Fund), have signed a convention to set up a program for agricultural development in the Tavush region, Northern Armenia.
Tavush is one of the poorest areas of Armenia, where the productivity of the agricultural sector can be substantially improved with the introduction of modern equipment and quality seeds. At present, only 45% of the arable land is exploited, mainly due to the lack of water and insufficient technical equipment.
The 500,000 euro (US$675,000) grant by the French Department for the year 2009 will be a major contribution for the financing of a two-year program for revamping the irrigation network, setting up a milk gathering station as well as an agricultural base with tractors and combined harvesters. A particular effort will be made towards technical training and the improvement of production quality.
The signing of the Convention was preceded by the unanimous vote in favor of this grant by the Department’s Assembly, a sign of the confidence inspired by the French affiliate of the Armenia Fund as a partner for local and regional authorities in carrying out development projects.
The criteria followed by the Department in choosing partners for international cooperation include the latters’ skills, past experience, transparency as well as the integral value of the project itself. Armenia is one of the four countries included in the Hauts-de-Seine poverty eradication program. Others include Cambodia, Mali and Haiti..
Source:  Public Radio of Armenia

Monument to William Saroyan opened in Yerevan
Hasmik Dilanyan
2008 has been declared Saroyan’s Year. The series of events held during the year culminated in the opening of William Saroyan’s Monument at the crossroads of the Mashtots Avenue and Moskovian Street in presence of the President of Armenia, Serzh Sargsyan.
The sculptor of the monument is David Yerevantsi, who was personally acquainted with William Saroyan. The bronze statue pictures 54-year-old Saroyan. According to the Minister of Culture, Hasmik Poghosyan, the place was not chosen accidentally.
“Saroyan’s monument stands next to a number of renowned figures – Martiros Saryan, Aram Khachatryan, Komitas, Sayat-Nova, Yervand Kochar and Alexander Tamanyan. No one appeared here accidentally. None of them lived in this world in vain, as Saroyan would say. In this regard, having Saroyan’s statute here is extremely important. With his kindness he will open the day of every citizen of Yerevan. Saroyan’s look will be important for every person who will pass by the monument,” Hasmik Poghosyan said.

Source:  Public Radio of Armenia

Parajanov would turn 85 today
Renowned Armenian film director of the 20th century, People’s Artist of Armenia and Ukraine Sergey Parajanov would turn 85 today. On this occasion his relatives and art lovers visited the Komitas Pantheon to pay tribute to the memory of the great aesthete.
The whole life of the famous and wonderful director was an amusing and tragic, attractive and sometimes very dangerous game, especially in a Soviet country. His first important film was the “Shadows of forgotten ancestors” shot in 1964.
One of Parajanov’s masterpieces is the film “The color of pomegranate” telling about Sayat Nova. Both films were, however, criticized during Soviet times. “Being the king of clowns, he never became the clown of the kings.” These words are perhaps the most characteristic of Parajanov.

According to Director of Parajanov’s home-museum Zaven sargsyan, his greatest value was that he was trying to have no controversies with his own conscience, say what he thinks and what he considers to be right.
In 1973 the Soviet government sentenced Parajanov to five years of imprisonment, accusing him of homosexuality. Many artists, writers, directors from different sides of the world reacted to his imprisonment. Despite that, only in four years Parajanov was set free due to mediation of Louis Aragon, a world-known French writer.
For many years he was prohibited from shooting films. Only in 19820 he was allowed to shoot the “Legend of the Surinam Tower” and “Ashug Gharib.”
During the last years of his life Parajanov was shooting the autobiographic film “Confession,” which remained uncompleted and was later used for Michael Vardanov’s documentary titled “Parajanov’s last spring.” Parajanov died of cancer in July 1990 in Yerevan. 2009 is a jubilee year for the great artist.
Minister of Culture Hasmik Poghosyan assures that the occasion will be used to present the greatest Armenian director to the world.
Public Radio of Armenia.Source: Public Radio of Armenia

Armenian Surgeon Ara Darzi Appointed a Health Minister by British PM Gordon Brown

Armenian flowers (carnations and roses) received the highest evaluation at the annual international “CIS Expo” exhibition of flowers in Moscow, where various flowers of tens of countries of the world were presented. The second, third and fourth places were granted to famous flower producers Israel, Holland and Turkey. Executive Director of the “Closed Soil Union” NGO Poghos Gevorgyan told Armenpress that international experts of the exhibition noted that the high quality of Armenian flowers was associated with wonderful soils of volcanic origin and with 290-310 days of intensive sunshine annually, as well as with farmers specialized in the sphere.

Source: Public Radio of Armenia

Presidents and Directors of most popular film festivals, including those of the Cannes, Rotterdam, Gothenburg and Pusan, as well as the “godfathers” of world cinematography and famous cinema workers will be invited to Yerevan on the occasion of the 5th anniversary of the “Golden Apricot” International Film Festival. The 5th anniversary of the young festival will feature also famous Canadian Armenian film director Atom Egoyan.
Armenpress was told from the Office of the Golden Apricot that in 2008 the international festival will last 7 days instead of the former 5 and will start on June 13. Applications for participation are already accepted.
Next year the number of nominations will also increase. Contest for films shot in the countries of the region will be organized.

Source: Public Radio of Armenia

William Saroyan’s monument to be placed in Yerevan

In 2008 renowned American-Armenian writer William Saroyan’s monument will be erected in the square in front of the Yervand Kochar Museum.
Chief architect of Yerevan Samvel Danielyan told Armenpress that the author of the monument is famous sculptor Davit Yerevantsi who resides in France.
The installation works will be financed by the “All-Armenian Geographical Association” non-governmental organization.
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Source: Public Radio of Armenia

A spectacular musical journey to Armenia...

Small World Music in association with C.A.A.P.A. present


Sunday, January 20, 7:00 pm

Markham Theatre for the Performing Arts

101 Town Centre Boulevard

(north of Highway 7 & west of Warden Ave.)

Tickets: $25 - $45

at Markham Theatre Box Office 905-305-SHOW

For more info:

For Tickets please call:


Jivan Gasparyan’s concerts warmly received by Turkish society

The Turkish society warmly received the performances of world-known Armenian duduk player Jivan Gasparyan in Ankara and Istanbul. People’s Artist and laureate of a number of international competitions Jivan Gasparyan told a new conference today that he had two concerts in Turkey on the occasion of Peace Day, where he presented compositions by Sayat-Nova, Komitas and M. Ekmalyan, as well as several old Armenian songs. The famous duduk player noted that at the request of the Turkish society he played one song with famous Turkish saz player Yavuz Bingöl.
This was Jivan Gasparyan’s fifth concert tour to Turkey. During the concerts in Turkey he performed a song in memory Hrant Dink, the slain editor-in-chief of the Agos weekly.
On those days Jivan Gasparyan’s concerts were widely covered by many Turkish media. The duduk player gave interviews to two Turkish TV Channels, during one of which the musician noted that he is not engaged in politics and only presents the Armenian music and art abroad. “The Armenian Diaspora does not and cannot impede the friendship between Armenian and Turkish peoples: the massacres at the turn of the century are the reason of aggravation of Armenian-Turkish relations,” Jivan Gasparyan said in response to the question of a Turkish journalist about the disturbing role of the Armenian Diaspora. During the interviews he presented some details of creation and preparation of Armenian duduk, noting that although Turks have an instrument resembling duduk, it does not mean Turkey is the birthplace of duduk.
Preceding the concerts Jivan Gasparyan recorded one song with a famous Turkish singer and played for a Turkish film about earthquake.
Speaking about his plans in Armenia, the musician said he intends to establish a school of duduk, where he will bring together about 100 orphan children and will teach playing duduk for free.
It’s worth mentioning that Jivan Gasparyan played in Turkey on the occasion of the Peace Day at the invitation of the Turkish Government

source : Public Radio of Armenia

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YEREVAN, AUGUST 20, ARMENPRESS: Deputy Yerevan mayor Vano Vardanian said today the fountains on Republican Square in downtown Yerevan will be switched on in mid-September. The fountains were switched off in spring for a major repair. The deputy mayor said a French firm was hired to help redesign the fountains. The fountains were last repaired in 1986.

Book presentation at the Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America
Under the auspices of Archbishop Hovnan Derderian, Primate of Western Diocese of the Armenian Church of North America, the book presentation of Archbishop Arsen Berberian: "A History of Armenian-Anglican United Church in 1841 - 1905" will take place at on Wednesday, July 25 2007, at the Kalaydjian Hall of the Diocese. The author will present the book. Prof. Dr. Gevorg Kherlopian, poet Grish Davtian will elaborate on the book. There will be cultural program. There will be exhibition and sales of paintings, the income of which will be provided for production of CDs containing spiritual songs by great singer Gohar Gasparian.

source : Public Radio of Armenia

Milena and Narek are the most popular names in Armenia
7,056 girls and 8,039 boys wee born in Armenia in January-May of the current year.

According to statistics, more frequently girls are named Milena (323), Ani (266), Mariam (237), Elen (217), Anahit (210), Anna (187), Mary (184), Lilit (159), Mane (135) and Gayane (134).

Boys are often named Narek (349), David (339), Hayk (263), Erik (237), Gor (223), Arman (205), Armen (173), Arthur (168), Samvel (161) and Vahe (150).

source : Public Radio of Armenia

Watertown ends partnership with “No Place for Hate”

The Watertown, Massachusetts Town Council unanimously voted on Tuesday, August 14, to rescind its affiliation with the “No Place for Hate” anti-racism and tolerance promotion program, citing statements denying the Armenian Genocide by Abraham Foxman, National Director of the program’s sponsor, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), reported the Armenian National Committee of Eastern Massachusetts (ANCEM).

The Armenian National Committee of Eastern Massachusetts applauds the Town Council for stating clearly and unequivocally that there is no place for Armenian Genocide denial in Watertown,” stated ANCEM chairperson Sharistan Melkonian. “We hope that this action will prompt the ADL and its National Director Abe Foxman to rethink their profoundly immoral policies on this issue, properly recognize the Armenian Genocide, and put an end their efforts to prevent its reaffirmation by Congress.”

The proclamation (full text below), introduced by Watertown Councillor-At-Large Marilyn Petitto Devaney, states: “The Town Council has become aware that the ADL, denies the facts of the horrific Armenian Genocide, that occurred from 1915 to 1923, in which the premeditated, systematic and deliberate murders of more that one and one half million Armenians from 1915 to 1923 took place, as well as continuing to deprive the Armenian people of a right to their history - The Town Council can not continue to join with such an organization.” The statement went on to reaffirm Watertown’s commitment to “celebrate its diversity and continue to honor its tradition of tolerance and respect for all people for which it has always been known.”

Several Watertown residents and civil rights activists spoke poignantly before an overflow crowd in attendance at the Council meeting to express their concerns about local affiliation with the ADL’s genocide denial policies, moving Town Council members to take decisive action and encourage other Massachusetts towns to follow their example.

In his remarks to the panel, Watertown’s “No Place for Hate” (NPFH) Co-Chairman Will Twombly explained that the NPFH committee had met with New England ADL Regional Director Andrew Tarsy and had asked for clarification regarding the ADL’s “unacceptable” position on the Armenian Genocide, which he stated, “could not be ignored.” A proposed amendment by Twombly and the NPFH asking for a 90-day suspension of the program, in an effort to turn the situation into a “teaching moment” for the ADL, was not incorporated in the final Watertown proclamation.

Project Save Director Ruth Thomasian, the only Armenian American serving on the Watertown NPFH Committee, noted that “every member of the ‘No Place for Hate’ committee was appalled by the ADL’s position on the Armenian Genocide.” She went on to express confidence that a reformed tolerance committee would “continue its good work in the schools and in the community.”

In his remarks, Tarsy highlighted the role of the ADL and its programs that celebrate and promote diversity and fair treatment. He went on to explain the ADL’s position on the Armenian “massacres and tragedy” – intentionally avoiding the term “genocide” -- and its role in pressuring Turkey to do more to “recognize and reconcile.” However, he noted that the ADL was in a difficult position due to the Israeli-Turkey relationship and the Jewish community in Turkey. While explaining that ADL was not opposed to the current Congressional Armenian Genocide resolutions (H.Res.106/S.Res.106), he made no mention of ADL National Director Abraham Foxman’s statements in the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe opposing Congressional adoption of Armenian Genocide legislation.

Twombly countered Tarsy’s efforts to explain Foxman’s reticence to recognize the Armenian Genocide, noting that “The ADL believes its position is justified for the well being of the Jewish community in Turkey. I say emphatically - the the ADL is ignoring a clear moral imperative [by denying the Armenian Genocide].” Watertown resident and ANCA Eastern Region Chairman Dikran Kaligian commented on Tarsy’s assertion that Foxman and the ADL have not advocated against the Armenian Genocide resolution, stating, “When Mr. Tarsy or Mr. Foxman say, ‘We don’t believe this should be in Congress’- to say that as a person is fine and one thing- but when you say it publicly that’s lobbying.”

In her statement before the Town Council (full text below), ANCEM representative Grace Kehetian-Kulegian explained that “We are confident that the just resolution of this matter will deepen Watertown’s commitment to tolerance, strengthen No Place for Hate’s ability to speak with real moral clarity, and - for the sake of its members and its own future as an organization - end the ADL’s truly unfortunate affiliation with genocide denial."

source : Public Radio of Armenia

See Armenian Music Awards live at Gibson Amphitheatre,

On Friday Nov 23 2007 in Universal City, CA.

Armenian Music Awards

2007 Categories

*Best Classical Album *Best Modern Traditionial Albu *Best R&B & Rap Album *Best Modern Instrumental Album *Best Modern Contemporary Album *Best Alternative Album *Best Jazz Album *Best Children's Album *Best Pop Traditional Album *Best Trans & House Albu *Best Mediterenian Popular Album *Best Pop Contemporary Album *Best Album Cover & Design *Best Rock Album *Best Music Video Best Concert Video *Best Compilation Album *Best Music Producer

Most Contributing Artist of the Year

*Song of the Year Duet *Song of the Year Male *Singer of the Year Female *Singer of the Year *Best Record Label of the Year *Best Liturgical Album
*Best Popular Album

*Armenian musicians to participate in the festival .

The festival "BARISAROCK" (Rock for peace) will take place in Istanbul on August 23 2007 in Istanbul, in which "YashAr" group is going to participate. The group, which was founded by well-known Armenian musician Arto Tuncboyaciyan and Turkish composer Yasar Kurt, will take part in the festival with a project dedicated to the memory of the chief editor of the "Akos" Turkish-Armenian newspaper Hrant Dink. About 62 music groups and approximately 100 000 participants and guests are expected on the festival from different countries all over the world.
/Translated by Marianna Karapetyan/

source: Public Radio of Armenia

*Armenia, Alrosa sign diamond deal

The government of Armenia and Russian diamond-mining monopoly Alrosa (RTS: ALRS) signed an agreement Monday on cooperation in the jewelry sector and polishing of gemstones, a source in the country's Economic Development and Trade Ministry's press service told Interfax.

The agreement was signed by Armenia's Trade and Economic Development Minister Nerses Yeritsian and Alrosa president Sergei Vybornov, who is on a one-day visit to Yerevan. Vybornov is also scheduled to meet with Armenian President Robert Kocharian and Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian to discuss the prospects for further cooperation. RTS$#&: ALRS vp rm
source : Public Radio of Armenia

The Armenian Technology Congress (ArmTech) announced the launch of ArmTech ’07, a global high-technology-focused event to be held in San Francisco July 4-7, 2007, at the Fairmont Hotel. This is the first high technology congress and exhibition designed for professionals interested in engaging in the global Armenian community and the rapidly rising technology sector of Armenia. Designed to promote both professional networking and valuable connections for operating companies and entrepreneurs, the event will feature presentations of the technology achievements and challenges of Armenia by numerous operating companies, service providers, academic institutions, and government officials from the US, Armenia, and around the world. The Armenian Development Agency (ADA) is an organizational sponsor of the event and provides extensive development and marketing support.

The time is right for an international event to draw together professionals who want to engage in the global Armenian community and support the rapidly rising technology sector of Armenia,” said Tony Moroyan, the founder and co-chair of ArmTech Congress and a principal executive of venture and incubation activities including Viasphere International in Armenia. “ArmTech, envisaged as recurring every two years, is an unprecedented opportunity to obtain business and professional information and make key connections spanning the high tech industry, as well as with government representatives from Armenia and within the US, major players in the financial and services sectors, and leading academics.”
The sphere of high technology has quite developed in Armenia, and investor interest is increasing,” said Vahagn Movsisyan, General Director of Armenian Development Agency and co-chair of ArmTech Congress in Armenia. “Much has changed since the major Armenian investment conference in New York in 2001, and now it is necessary to redefine in depth the optimal directions. We are delighted to support ArmTech ’07 as a globally inclusive program to increase understanding and support among foreign investors and other stakeholders, fostering the trust and opportunities that will drive the increasing growth and sophistication of high tech economic activity in Armenia.”

source : Public Radio of Armenia