I wanted to let you know that I received the duduk that I ordered from you, and I am very pleased with it.  I am even more pleased with your willingness to answer questions and help me out in starting my duduk journey, both before and after I purchased the instrument.  I highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase one of these wonderful instruments.  I look forward to talking with you more in the future.

Glen Ishoy Georgia, USA

Dear Hrant and Arthur

Thanky you so much for this amazing duduk!!!

the sound is wonderful and the intonation is very good!
i'm so happy about it!
also it was packed so well.!!!
All the best!
Gregor, Israel
I just received the duduk. It is really good, and the craftmanship is great.
The sound is sweet like the skin of an apricot.
I thank you

Fred, France

Well, i've bought a duduk and to tell the truth, its sounds Amazing and to my ears also very accurate. the shipping was very fast, 3 weeks from Canada to Israel. the duduk is beautiful and the color of  the wood is great. the service was also great, i had some questions and got all the answers.
Thank you all,    Avishay Tsalisher Israel

After reading several stories of buyers who were misled into buying what they thought were professional quality duduks but who in turn received items that were of "souvenir quality" I spent much time to do the preliminary research by contacting both seller and maker.  Duduk.ca does sell quality duduks made by HK (Karen Hakobyan).These are NOT mass produced so be patient in possibly waiting several months for your order to be filled.  Not only has care gone into their creation but Hrant (himself a duduk musician and teacher) was gracious to answer all of my questions and gave me helpful pointers that I had not yet considered.  In the end I was very satisfied with my purchase.          


Thornhill Ontario Canada/ Bali Indonesia 

I purchased what I thought was a duduk from eBay a few years ago and then gave up trying to play it. Little did I know that what I had was an inferior imitation. Dudak.ca's duduks are the real thing. I've been delighted with the friendly service I received from Hrant and to now have a finely master crafted instrument in my possession. Beware: with a professional instrument like this, it deserves the dedication to learn to play it well.


Barrie Ontario

"Thank you very much for the duduk Hrant and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of workmanship. The finish is very fine, smooth and polished, while the intonation and pitch is very accurate. The sound is incredibly warm and expressive. I am very impressed with the quality and the intonation is very good. I find one of the soft reeds very easy to play, the other requires a little more breath but produces a warmer less buzzing tone. I haven't had the opportunity to play any other duduks, but it would be hard for them to live up to this standard. I have been a musician for many years playing custom made guitars (K. Yairi etc) and my brother has produced some excellent custom-made electric basses (~$4000 rrp) made from fine and exotic woods so I know good wood-working craftsmanship when I see it. I have emailed Arthur Grigoryan to let him know that his workmanship is excellent and that I would most certainly recommend his work to others. Overall, I am very happy and satisfied with the purchase. Money well spent!
Kind regards,
Sydney, Australia"

hi, i got the gamish over a week ago and i really like them. thank

you, i will be contacting you gain,

Ri. NewYork

Extremely professional and helpful.  

Thanks for all the following up and getting me exactly what I needed .

D. Hamilton From Toronto Canada

As a more rare instrument, I had never even seen a duduk before and had many questions about what I would need. I spoke with Hrant at duduk.ca, asking about reed quality and longevity and about the various instruments and tools that a beginner would find useful. He was very helpful and very knowledgable, even offering his assistance if I began playing and had difficulties. He knows his stuff.
 Thanks again,
 J. Barron: From Canada

A few months ago, I’ve got an Artur Grigirian Duduk in A.

Since that, I’ve got others duduks in others keys because I thought you make only A duduks.

But I’m disappointed about their qualities.

the duduk from you is the best I played on at the moment.

Leo: From France

Dear Hrant,

My duduk arived today.

Thank you for such a prompt response to my order.
What a beautiful instrument and sound.  It may take a while before I get proficient at playing, but I know I'm going to enjoy this for a long time. 
Kind Regards
Greg, Australia

Dear Hrant,

Just a quick email to confirm that the Duduk was delivered earlier this week and it was very well received by my partner as a birthday gift. Thank you so much for your quick response on my queries and speedy shipment. 

Regards, Aurelie, Australia

Thanks for the information and I stand corrected on the reeds.  I have since pretty much learned that you have some of the finest reeds around and I bought one via PayPal a few weeks ago and await it's delivery. 
 I thoroughly enjoyed your web site.  You are very special to put up pictures and have quality products there for sale to the new and professional customers alike.  I look forward to the reed I get from you.  
Have a happy and prosperous New Year!! 
Vernon, USA